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Proenza Schouler Tiny PS1 Bag

Welcome to the PurseForum Roundup! Every Friday we bring you the best reveals and conversations happening at fashion’s liveliest destination. This week, it’s all about bags–well, mostly–in CoachKate Spade and Proenza Schouler. We also visit the Playground to check into some of the non-fashion related topics. Come along and join us!

New Coach Bag

We dropped into Coach and immediately spotted a promising thread, with which were not disappointed! We loved this sleek Rhyder in gunmetal, which makes a great addition toilovecoach’s bag family. Crystal-d also added a gunmetal Rhyder to her collection, and fans considering this leather will appreciate how different it looks in changing light. This is definitely a favorite of ours!

Coach Collection

It was such a busy week for reveals in Coach that we found several irresistible ones, including this family shot from GA Peach – be sure to check her thread to see what else she got to go with this gorgeous trio. We also found another interesting topic that many of us can relate to, regardless of the brand we favor. Drop into louisprada25′s “I’m All Coached Out” to join in the conversation. We also found a bit of a cat-related situation that you will want to check out. (Don’t worry, it looks like an easy repair)!

Printed Chocolates

Roundup readers know that we love to feature our non-fashion subforums – these are the places where our members share their personal lives, and we always find plenty to keep our attention. This week, we visited The Kitchen and found ninja-please had shared these decadent decorated chocolates in the I Ate This thread, one of our favorites on the PurseForum.

Elsewhere in the Playground, we are following the medical crisis in Africa in Up To The Minute,along with discussions on other topics topping the news charts. We also found plenty of food for thought in the Money Talks subforum, including our discussion on the end of tipping in America, staying on a budget and real estate. We hope that you will explore the Playground, find a subforum or conversation and jump in!

Kate Spade Bag

Isn’t this great! We found reenxo’s pretty new navy Minka in Kate Spade, and be sure to check out this post, where she shows us all the colorful things inside, too! Silverstar16 really “pinked” it up with her latest purchases, all together here in a brilliant family photo. Whether you are a longtime fan of the brand or just starting your discovery, you will enjoy our Show Us Your Kate Spade thread, where our members share their collections. You can also see these bags in action in the Which Kate Spade are You Carrying Today thread.

Proenza Schouler Tiny PS1 Bag

We visited Proenza Schouler, where we always find stylish, bags in stunning colors – like this shimmering blue lagoon PS1 from ichan. Loewejess also got a new PS1, this one in rich ruby chianti. And lovers of purple will not want to miss this PS1 in delicious plum frommcg3897. You can learn everything you could ever need to know in our extensive and informative PS1 thread, full of input, tips and styling ideas devoted to the PS1 line from our members. Proenza Schouler makes other bags, too, of course, including this sleek PS11 fromAliciaBB. 

Louis Vuitton Luggage Tag

Big bag purchases are fun, and we enjoy sharing them. But we also love the “smalls”; the delightful little gems that our favorite design houses put out that add that special touch to a bag, outfit or even a piece of luggage, like this elegant Louis Vuitton luggage tag BlueMauderecently revealed. RhondaE also picked up a wee bit of luscious LV, this time a Pochette with a twist.

You can also find plenty of wonderful small treasures in the Hermès Ode to Leather Key Charms threads, where our members are really enjoying collecting these charming little animals and other motifs, like sparklelisab’s precious rocking horse.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out this week’s PurseForum Roundup! We know we have plenty of regular readers and we certainly appreciate that you take a bit of time every Friday to share the conversations and handbags from our Forum. We will see you right here next week, and in the meantime, have a great weekend and enjoy the week ahead. See you next week!

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“America’s Largest Closet” Robbed of Over $1 Million in Luxury Goods

Americas Biggest Closet Robbed

We regularly feature the photos and collections of women the world over who love showcasing their incredibly expensive handbag and shoe collections for thousands of curious onlookers, but that kind of sharing can have its downsides. Not long after going on both local and national TV to showcase her three-story closet, including dozens of Hermès and Chanel bags, among others, Houston resident Theresa Roemer is now missing more than a million bucks in designer wares.

The 3,000-square-foot space, which had recently been dubbed America’s biggest private fashion closet, has been the subject of its fair share of media attention, which was likely the cause for the burglary earlier this week. Roemer told the Houston Chronicle that the theft appears to have been perpetrated by professionals, and that the robbers focused on her jewelry, watches and handbags, despite the probable existence of many other extremely expensive things inside a house with a $500,000 custom closet.

Roemer and her husband moved into the 20,000-square-foot house in the tony Woodlands neighborhood of Houston two years ago after two burglaries on their previous home. The massive closet has security features, but Roemer says that she forget to arm them before she and her husband stepped out to dinner with friends on the evening of the robbery.

The couple’s security cameras caught the perpetrator entering the house through the rear, according to the Chronicle, and then using three of Theresa’s Hermès travel bags to load up on other accessories before departing on foot. All told, he was in the house for 40 minutes, and the place is so massive that the Roemers didn’t realize that something was amiss until a little while after they returned home from dinner.

Media attention on Roemer’s closet appears to have started with a Neiman Marcus blog post(which is where the above photo is from) about her collection and philanthropic efforts, and the story grew from there, as these kinds of things are wont to do on the Internet.

No matter how you may judge Roemer’s use of her money, it’s a stark reminder that what we share, online and elsewhere, isn’t only being viewed by those with our best interests at heart. Handbags, especially from brand likes Hermès and Chanel, have great value on the secondhand market, which can send thieves directly to your closet.

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The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of August 8

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Bag Deals August 8

Good morning and happy Friday to all! Normally I wouldn’t be this peppy at 10 a.m., but today is bag deals day, so things are different. Below, we’ve got the finest assortment of sale bags we could find on this here Internet, including a totally gorgeous, exotic Valentino bag that we think is a must-see for everyone.

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New Colorways Design For Louis Vuitton Alligator Sofia Coppola Bag

Louis Vuitton


SC Louis Vuitton always the one of most popular and classic model handbags in LV line. This model new lv bags have a nice story behind it, and now, there are more colors for the Sofia Coppola LV bags in Alligator materials show online now.

Those new Louis Vuitton Alligator Sofia Coppola bags appears to be a light color preview, distinction the 2010 version Black colorways Alligator LV SC bags, those 2014 new lv sc bags looks more bright and fresh. And the price of those new Alligator LV SC bags is approximately $35,000.00 USD. Take a view and stay tuned to OUR SITE for more new lv bags sale!

Sofia-Coppola-Alligator-Bag-in-Bleu-Canard-Fall-2014- 1 Sofia-Coppola-Alligator-Bag-in-Bleu-Canard-Fall-2014-4 1 Sofia-Coppola-Alligator-Bag-in-Cerise-Fall-2014 5 1 Sofia-Coppola-Alligator-Bag-in-Galet-Fall-2014-2 1 Sofia-Coppola-Alligator-Bag-in-Noir 6

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50 Celebrities and the Bags They Carried to Fly out of LAX This Summer

Louis Vuitton

The Many Bags of Celebrities at LAX

In a lot of ways, air travel is the great equalizer. Only the richest of the ultra-rich fly exclusively private, and for run-of-the-mill famous people, even A-listers, working means boarding a lot of commercial flights. Often those flights either land or originate at Los Angeles International Airport, or LAX, where paparazzi are poised every day to document one of the few mundane activities that a star can’t protect or control: checking in, checking her bags and walking to security.

That means that we know more about how celebrities behave at the airport than about how they do almost anything else, from reality stars all the way up to screen legends. Since the airport also requires the sort of baggage in which we are preternaturally interested, paparazzi pictures from LAX are absolutely full of awesome bags. We previously documented celebs’ love for Louis Vuitton luggage, but today, we’re interested in which handbags the stars are carrying on. Check out our finest findings from the past few months below.

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Trend Forecasters Examine Data on Handbag Brands, Get Bizarre Results


Handbag Trend Forecasting

Applying algorithmic logic to fashion is tricky at best; Google itself has failed publicly at predicting what stylish shoppers might like to buy, and a recent report from trendcasting duo Credit Suisse and NetBase makes me think they might not have quite figured it out either. According to them, Hermès is the brand with the worst online momentum for its handbags, and Ralph Lauren is the leader of the pack. Huh?

According to Vanessa Friedman at the New York Times, NetBase and Credit Suisse scoured data from online chatter about handbags (more than a little of which was from our PurseForum, I’m guessing) to see which brands’ bags were talked about the most, as well as whether the comments were negative or positive. The study makes no distinction between premiere designer and contemporary brands; Hermès and Chanel are ranked right along with Kate Spade andCoach, even though brands at such disparate ends of the price spectrum have very different customers who not only behave differently toward fashion in general, but use the Internet for shopping in very different ways. Some extremely important accessories brands, like Céline andGivenchy, are missing entirely.

The study cites the fact that 22% of the online comments made about Hermès are negative as source for concern, but for a brand with such a slim market, what does that mean? I see commenters and Forum members regularly ding Hermès for its high prices, which are a mark of exclusivity that actually attracts more customers from the brand’s target market. Presumably, that negative chatter got grouped as harmful to the brand, though, because there’s no indication that the data scientists had any method for determining whether or not the comments came from a member of the brand’s potential customer pool.

Similarly, it seems plausible that buyers of extraordinarily expensive handbags that are marketed as the finest in the world would have exacting standards for their purchases, far more so than someone might expect for a bag that cost a couple hundred bucks, which could cause great gnashing of teeth when a product or buying experience isn’t up to those elevated expectations.

And that’s just one brand of the many that Credit Suisse and NetBase tracked. Elsewhere, it found that Calvin Klein bags had among the strongest momentum, despite the fact that most bag consumers aren’t even familiar with its high-end line and the vast majority of major luxury retailers don’t carry it. You can check out Friedman’s full examination of the study, which is similarly dubious of the raw data’s findings. Statistics are great, but if they’re examined outside the context of the industry they’re meant to measure, a lot of the value ends up lost in translation.

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