Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

When it is your last weekend of singlehood, there is no doubt you would want to slay the world with your killer looks! And why shouldn’t you,after all, once you wear the ring, all your looks and outfits will be curated by your wife. So, why not make this last choice single handedly and look as stunning and classy as possible for your last night of freedom! 

Sleek design, perfect fit, classic fabric and elegant craftsmanship, all of these combined in one are presented to you by these designer labels to give you a dapper look for any occasion! And what better day or perhaps, night can be other than your stag night! Whether it is a larger than life stag do in London or a hedonistic Amsterdam stag do, these designer suits will make you rule them all like a king!

We bring to you a comprehensive list of top designer labels that we can vouch for to give you a grand look for your stag do in their bespoke suits. 

Louis Vuitton- The French fashion pioneer knows exactly what it means to be be uberly stylish! What began in the 19th century Paris as a  trunk maker, Louis Vuitton now is at the pinnacle of high end fashion scene all over the world. From bags, accessories, sneakers to designer dresses and suits, LV creators can give you all to make you look like a fashionista. LV suits have the reputation of being sophisticated, classic and be modernistic in their design. If you are the mannered royalty, there is no better choice than Louis Vuitton. 

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Alexander McQueen- If your choice is inclined towards the unconventional look, then Alexander McQueen is your answer for all your fashion queries. The high end designer brand’s expertise lies in making suits that will make you look stunning but with a twist in the design. The menswear of the designer label is meant to give you a mystic aura in the most stylish way possible, just like its skull motif!

Giorgio Armani- The uncrowned ruler of the Italian fashion, Giorgio Armani is one of the most respected designers of the entire world. Armani suits are a fashionista’s dream! The polished design, the luxurious material and the intricate craftsmanship is all put together in one Armani outfit to give you a look that no other brand can give. No wonder, George Clooney choose an Armani suit for the celebration of his last night of freedom in Venice!

Givenchy- Founded and nurtured in one of the fashion capitals of the world, Paris, Givenchy is the true illustration of top notch French expertise and elegance. Enter your stag party venue in exquisite design and class wearing a Givenchy suit. The suits from the label are a sheer manifestation of intricate attention to detail, stylish design and perfect fit. Marking its presence in the French fashion scene since 1950s, Givenchy is the first choice of many celebrities like Kanye West and David Beckham. Are there any further reasons to not choose it!

Burberry- One of the most recognised names in the British fashion world, Burberry is also one of the designers when it comes to men’s formal wear. The inventor of the trench coat, Burberry utilises all its expertise in making the most brilliant and finest of the suits to give you a dapper look. Experimenting with the most unconventional materials like tech-wool and lace, Burberry has made some of the most classic fashion pieces. If you like it out of the league, Burberry must be your call!

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Madewell Denim Square-Neck Top and The Perfect Vintage Jean in Fitzgerald Wash
Madewell Denim Square-Neck Top and The Perfect Vintage Jean in Fitzgerald Wash

As summer heads to a close, the temperatures are only heating up across the country. Luckily, Madewell has the ideal style guide for summer with a new trend guide. Model Hana Jirickova poses in the sun wearing a casually chic mix of denim, button-up shirts and lightweight dresses. Paired with slip-on mules and cat eye sunglasses, Madewell makes dressing for summer beyond easy.

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Madewell The Remi Mule in Stamped Lizard
Madewell ‘The Remi’ Mule in Stamped Lizard
Madewell Whisper Cotton Ringer Tee in Damien Stripe and 10" High-Rise Skinny Jeans: Drop Step-Hem Edition
Madewell ‘Whisper’ Cotton Ringer Tee in Damien Stripe and 10″ High-Rise Skinny Jeans: Drop Step-Hem Edition
Madewell The Oversized Jean Jacket in Capstone Wash and Halter Tie-Back Midi Dress in Clipdot
Madewell The Oversized Jean Jacket in Capstone Wash and Halter Tie-Back Midi Dress in Clipdot
Madewell Courier Button-Back Shirt in Festival Stripe
Madewell ‘Courier’ Button-Back Shirt in Festival Stripe
Madewell The Jean Jacket in Briarwood Wash, Whisper Cotton Ringer Tee in Damien Stripe and Stretch Denim A-Line Mini Skirt: Button-Front Edition
Madewell The Jean Jacket in Briarwood Wash‘Whisper’ Cotton Ringer Tee in Damien Stripe and Stretch Denim A-Line Mini Skirt: Button-Front Edition
Madewell Courier Shirt in Lorelei Stripe and The High-Rise Slim Boyjean in Lita Wash: Step-Hem Edition
Madewell ‘Courier’ Shirt in Lorelei Stripe and The High-Rise Slim Boyjean in Lita Wash: Step-Hem Edition
Madewell Ruffle-Hem Wrap Top in Clipdot and Adair Cat-Eye Sunglasses
Madewell Ruffle-Hem Wrap Top in Clipdot and ‘Adair’ Cat-Eye Sunglasses

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Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels

Are you trying to determine the quality of some custom leather goods and need help? Find out how in this short fashion guide!

 Leather is one of the most important fabrics within the fashion industry. It’s been used for thousands of boots and coats to create an aesthetic that pleases male and female customers. Custom leather goods have been made to help users design their own bags and accessories, letting everyone show their fashion designer within.

So keep reading to learn more about utilizing leather. Following these steps will help you create beautiful designs that will bring the envy of your friends.


Pretend that you can remove a piece of animal hide and look at it with a microscope. On the top layer, you should see the skin pores, hair follicles, scars, and the hair themselves. Placed directly beneath is thick woven tissue and dense fibers. Underneath that is another layer of fiber, which is has a lower density and is laid in a horizontal pattern.

Now, the majority of leather hides is made by special machines. Determining the leather quality depends on what happens in post-production (i.e., how it was skinned, what processed was used, etc.). Here are the common categories of what leather pieces are available:


Full-grain is the best customer leather good quality you’ll find. It’s the hide’s top layer that’s not sanded. So you’ll still see some imperfections, scars, and pores. Also, full-grain leather is desirable because of its natural aroma, durability, or its ability to look like a patina after extended usage.

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels


Top Grain leather shows the pelt’s top layer or the densely packed grain. However, these parts have been sanded down to prevent imperfections. Most Italians can’t describe the difference between a top grain and full leather. So there might be some confusion over which one is the best in Italy.


Bonded leather comes from the results of the completion of other projects. Leather dust, excess pieces, and shavings – that’s been pressed together and shaved in a factory. This is due to the combination of different dyes, glues, and chemicals.

Warning: Bonded leather is spray painted to appear like natural leather grain. You can smell with your nose to determine if the leather is made of Superglue or an authentic cow.


If you’re looking for high-quality leather, don’t get imitation leather. But, ecopelle might be a better solution if you don’t want to buy animal products.


There are a few factors you need to consider when looking for your custom leather goods. View this table to find out. 




The leather should feel supple, soft and smooth, not stiff.


First, smell with your nose. It should smell natural and musky. Avoid any custom leather goods that smell like chemicals. Chemicals are used to cover up lower quality and treat the hides.


The best leather will have a brown or tan appearance. Dyes in green or red, can mark for a low-quality leather. If there are unfinished edges, you should tell if the leather’s color penetrates through the hide or rests on the surface.


The leather stitching needs to be regular and tight, with smaller stitches sewn together.

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Other Brands

The Boy With the Pearls will always be remembered. It’s a fashion-thing that does not come very often. It’s an addition on the top of addiction. Meet the Boy Chanel Tweed Pearl Bag from the Fall Winter 2018 Collection Act 1.

The Boy needs no introduction; it’s well-known in the fashion world. But have you seen one with pearls? Have you ever seen a Boy with Pearls? This bag is a game-changer, an attention-grabber and it’s iconic as well.

The Design

Tweed creates a new experience, because it looks and feels different than leather. Nevertheless, the diamond quilting on the body is crafted in Tweed. This Tweed is available in the classic black, but looking closer, the Tweed creates white sparks on the diamond quilting.

The white sparks reinforced the pearls that are embellished on the sides. And also, the edge of the bag is made in full calfskin leather. The silver hardware is also the ideal choice for such a design; just take a look at the iconic Boy Clasp in the center.

This Boy is supposed to be a Boyish Bag for ladies. The addition Pearls boast the feminine appeal, which makes it more ladylike than the regular Boy Bag.

The Interior

The inside of this bag is made with a main compartment including a patch pocket. Depending on the size, but it’s big enough to hold all your essentials.

The Prices And Sizes

Chanel Boy Small Pearl Tweed Bag
Style code: A67085
Size: 4.7′ x 7.9′ x 2.8′ inches
Price: $4700 USD, €3950 euro, £3500 GBP, $6720 SGD, $6590 AUD, ¥546480 JPY, 17970 MYR, $5775 CAD

Chanel Old Medium Boy Pearl Tweed Bag
Style code: A67086
Size: 5.7′ x 9.8′ x 3.1′ inches
Price: $5100 USD, €4250 euro, £3770 GBP, $7230 SGD, $7100 AUD, ¥587520 JPY, 19330 MYR, $6200 CAD

More Images And Colors

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Balenciaga Logo Sleeve Leather Moto Jacket $4,600
Balenciaga Logo Sleeve Leather Moto Jacket $4,600
This leather jacket features graffiti-inspired branding at one sleeve.

Balenciaga spotlights its logo for its Fall 2018 ready-to-wear collection. From leather jackets to tote bags and branded sweatshirts, the French fashion house’s logo takes center stage. Keep it casual in a colorblocked windbreaker or channel grunge vibes in a layered dress. See our picks from Balenciaga’s fall arrivals below, and shop more at

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Balenciaga Logo Colorblock Windbreaker $1,490
Balenciaga Logo Colorblock Windbreaker $1,490
A lightweight jacket includes bold color-blocking with the Balenciaga logo front and center.
Balenciaga Ville Logo Leather Bowling Satchel $2,100
Balenciaga ‘Ville’ Logo Leather Bowling Satchel $2,100
This satchel bag comes in pebbled leather with a vintage-inspired silhouette.
Balenciaga Plaid Overlay Silk Dress $3,200
Balenciaga Plaid Overlay Silk Dress $3,200
A silk dress is layered with a grunge-inspired plaid poplin shirt.
Balenciaga Campaign Logo Hoodie $750
Balenciaga Campaign Logo Hoodie $750
Adorned with a campaign-style logo, this hooded sweatshirt comes in heather gray.
Balenciaga Everyday Plaid Calfskin Tote $1,740
Balenciaga Everyday Plaid Calfskin Tote $1,740
A plaid calfskin tote bag is perfect for your everyday outings.
Balenciaga Back Stripe Shirt $1,050
Balenciaga Back Stripe Shirt $1,050
This 100% cotton shirt comes with chic stripes and branding at the back.

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Cindy Crawford Wears Elegant Styles in Tatler

Supermodel Cindy Crawford graces the September 2018 cover of Tatler UK. Lensed by Yu Tsai, the American beauty wears a Chanel look featuring a wide-brimmed hat and tailored jacket. For the accompanying spread, Cindy poses in elegant fashions from labels like Armani and Oscar de la Renta. Styled by Sophie Goodwin, the brunette wows in embellished separates, sparkling gems and velvet.

Cindy Crawford Wears Elegant Styles in Tatler

Cindy Crawford Wears Elegant Styles in Tatler

Cindy Crawford Wears Elegant Styles in Tatler

Cindy Crawford Wears Elegant Styles in Tatler

Cindy Crawford Wears Elegant Styles in Tatler

Cindy Crawford Wears Elegant Styles in Tatler

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