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Hermes Maxi Box Bag



An elegant woman with blue eyes behind the bushes, an emerald green bag was sitting on her lap – it was the Hermes Maxi Box Bag featured in the Spring Summer 2014 Ad Campaign, the theme was titled Metamorphosis, an Hermes story.

A bag that is big enough to pack all the best clothes from your wardrobe, then use it as a carry-on on the airport. Or switch it to a weekend duffle when staying over at your friend’s house. The Hermes Maxi Box Bag will help you travel from New York to Tokyo.

For those who are more experienced with Hermes, the Maxi Box could be a retro of the Sac en Vie Bag, a slightly more sophisticated and modern version.

But one look at the Maxi Box and anyone can instantly recognize that it’s a ‘Hermes’ brand, every stitch and corner of the design is screaming ‘Hermes’.

For the Spring Summer 2014 Collection, we have also spotted the ‘black’ version if you’d not like the green color. Black is more classic and if you hate babying duffels or scared that it will change color over time, then this is your best option.

And of course, we have also uploaded a few more shades, just to give you a short preview and an idea of the design.

The Hermes Maxi Box Bag is sized at 21 x 37 x 15 cm (H x W x D), we only spotted the prices in yen: ¥ 1,092,000, we hope this will give you enough indication. Visit your local Hermes store for more information.





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Hermes Evelyne III Bags



The Hermes Evelyne III Bag is not as famous as the Birkin and it doesn’t have the same price tag, but we are seeing an increase of fashionista’s and celebrities carrying this bag in their casual time. Why is that?

First, it’s the impeccable quality, we spotted Kate Walsh carrying the Evelyne III Bag in brown, totally overloading it and still… it didn’t break. I think that tells a lot about their Taurillon Clemence leather.

Then it’s the design, just like most of Hermes timeless bags, the Evelyne III is crafted rather simple and streamlined, with a long and strong shoulder strap. The large H, which represents the brand Hermes, is drawn on the front with a circle.

A reasonable price for a Hermes bag – if you need a shoulder bag, a messenger bag and you don’t mind paying a little bit more, you will get the quality you want. However, what we do recommend before making a buying decision, is to take a look at the Hermes Herbag Zip first, because it’s almost the same price range.

The Hermes Evelyne III Bag comes in four sizes:

Leathers available: Epsom and Clemence

Hermes Evelyne II TPM
Size: 6.7″ x 7″ x 2″
Price: Retailed at $1,600 USD, but it’s now discontinued

Hermes Evelyne III PM
Size: 11.25″ x 12″ x 2 ½”
Price: $2,800 USD or € 2.000 euro’s or £1,890 GBP

Hermes Evelyne III GM
Size: 12” x 13” x 3”
Price: $3,125 USD or € 2.230 euro’s or £2,110 GBP

Hermes Evelyne III TGM
Size: 16″ x 16.5″ x 4″
Price: $4,500 USD













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Hermes Etriviere Shopping Tote in Coup de Fouet Print



If Coco Chanel is right (and I belief she is), then Hermes is everything second. Listen, she once quoted: ‘The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive’. We know that HERMES is about the luxuries in life, fine expensive leathers and creative art.

The Hermes Etiviere Shopping Tote is not a new bag, but it’s crafted with new print; the iconic ‘Coup de Fouet’ and it’s certainly worth mentioning about. The big strong horse face is covering the entire bag, the background is colored in dark green and finished with brown leather strap to carry around your shoulder.

It’s a practical tote for the casual use; easy to pair with your favorite blue jeans and pumps. The strong canvas and hunter cowhide guarantee that it can carry your books and MAC book. Of simply drop everything you bought inside. And as final, it’s enriched with palladium hardware.

Measuring 16’ x 17’ x 6’ inches, for $2.275 USD at Hermes boutique/e-store.


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Irina Shayk with Cristiano Ronaldo and Wearing Hermes Constance Bag in Black



Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk were spotted shopping in Madrid. Irina wore a Hermes Constance Bag in black around her shoulder. The Constance bag is a timeless classic as it was originally released in 1959, this bag was re-released in 2010 and featured a longer functional shape. The blackbox version currently retails for $4,000 USD.


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Hermes Bourlingue Shoulder Bag


‘A Sporting Life’ is the famous phrase for Hermes latest collection and clearly there’s a meaning behind the line. And I would love to adjust the words to ‘A Sporting Chic’ because that’s what Christophe Lemaire’s spring summer 2014 is all about; filled with sporty and elegant ambience that captures the interest of every modernist. And well interpreted for all travelers’ essentials.

Fendi 2Jours and Celine Phantom Luggage Tote

No fluffy and floral paints for the ladylike addicts, but a more masculine line to uplift the spirit of the independent women. Givenchy has done quite well helping women to express their attitude through their design; representing strength and courage. And don’t forget Chanel’s boy bags that have become a hit in the market. What can I say? It’s trending right not; boyish simply rocks.

For women, the new Hermes collection consists of the Soie-Cool and the Bourlingue bag. While the Soie-cool is crafted from silk and inspired by Gym bags, the Bourlingue is the reflection of the 1976 Hermes over the shoulder bag. Yep, that’s what Hermes good at; making the past come alive. We are safe to say that it is the modern interpretation, made in Taurillon Clémence leather and in Barénia calfskin.

Painted in curry-yellow, pink-red or beige (partly made from H-cotton). Supported with an adjustable shoulder strap, it’s a simple bag but put together by amazing craftsmanship for every occasions.

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