In Need of a Nude Pump? Try One of Christian Louboutin’s New Nudes

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Louboutin New Nudes Feature Image

If you’re looking for a pump to elongate your legs, look no further than Christian Louboutin‘s Nudes Collection. Die-hard Loubi fans know that this isn’t the first Nudes Collection we’ve seen from the brand; the first debuted back in 2013, and this year, the designer has added more shades and styles to the Nudes Collection to suit the needs of all kinds of women.

Earlier this week, we showed you the newest style to be added the collection, the squiggly New Wave heel, and along with it, we’ll see a total of five nude shades from the brand. In this collection, you’ll see Louboutin classics like Sthe o Kate and Iriza styles in various shades, along with the peep-toe Ada and Safki styles. Come August, we will see even more nude shoes added to the collection, and according to Refinery29, “the Dorissima — a pump with a rounded toe” will alsp be inducted into Louboutin’s Nude family.

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Lea Michele Visits Comic-Con in Louboutin Sandals

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Here’s Lea Michele, doing the Scream Queens press line with her costar Emma Roberts at San Diego Comic-Con in a white, two piece outfit from designer Jonathan Simkhai and a pair of brightly colored two-tone suede Christian Louboutin Mayerling Sandals. You can find an exotic python and brown leather version of this Louboutin style.

Scream Queens is a new project from Glee and American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy that’s thematically located somewhere in between the two. Scream Queens is essentially a horror movie series. Strangely enough, it’s not even the first one on TV. MTV’s Scream series adaptation beat them to the punch by debuting this summer. Scream Queens will make its debut this fall on FOX.

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Amanda Seyfried Wears Louboutins to Celebrate “Ted 2″

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Here’s Amanda Seyfried, heading to the post-premiere party for Ted 2 in Central Park. She’s wearing a pair of black leather Christian Louboutin Toerless Muse Pumps, a new CL style which we just saw on the feet of Kendall Jenner mere days ago. These Louboutins are gaining traction with celebs at a fast clip, and you can currently find them in red suede for $995 at Saks.

Amanda has appeared in several Givenchy campaigns, and is usually wearing or carrying something Givenchy whenever she makes public appearances, so we’re not at all surprised to see her with a large, baby’s breath print Givenchy Floral Pouch. You can find this exact pouchIt’s undoubtedly one of the least expensive Givenchy bags on the market.

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Shoe of the Week: Gianvito Rossi Suede and PVC Pump

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Gianvito Rossi Suede and PVC Pump

Shoes: Shoe of the Week: Gianvito Rossi Suede and PVC Pump

Why It’s the Shoe of the Week: We can barely believe it, but it’s almost Fourth of July weekend. To help us get in the holiday spirit, we have these Gianvito Rossis. The PVC pump is the brand’s signature design, and the contrasting red and blue suede are just what we need for the fun-filled holiday ahead!

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Christian Louboutin Scarabee Nail Collection

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Christian Louboutin Scarabee Nail Collection

Nails, nails and beautiful nails! Of course, the incredibly awesome Christian Louboutin will have one of the best collections around when it comes to painting your nails a color that will make all those around you drop dead in envy. We are already melting under the poison that is Christian Louboutin, who has taken inspiration from his unofficial second home known simply as Egypt, drawing on the mythology and iconography of the ancient land by making his muse a mighty scarab. Inspiration comes in great abundance in Egypt, without a doubt. That is why the Christian Louboutin Scarabee nail collection is very much out of this world, turning the sacred and the mystical into a product that is recognizable and wearable, keeping the past alive through new mediums.

A limited edition collection, the Christian Louboutin Scarabee nail lacquers come in a packaging featuring the iconography of the scarab beetle, worshipped by ancient Egyptians and known to live only in dunes and coastal marshes. To them, it was a symbol of Khepri, the early morning manifestation of Ra, which became their understanding because of the beetle’s practice of rolling dung into a ball, something that was associated with Khepti himself, as he would roll the sun into a ball into the sky. The belief that the female need not mate in order to produce children was also connected with the god Atum, one who was known for begetting children alone. All in all, the ancient love for the scarab has been translated into a love for fashion and turned from sacred to coveted beauty piece.

Christian Louboutin Scarabee Nail Collection

The scarab beetle adorns the spring 2014 Khepira bag already. Now, it appears in a nail shade influenced by the insect’s outer shell. There are three shades created here that are developed to really capture the beauty of said shell; this includes a soft flecked metallic in rose and gold, a deep blue that flashes purple here and there and an emerald hue with bronze that shows off highlights of blue and green in there as well. The images for advertisement themselves look to be terribly Photoshop versions which automatically appeal to our humorous side, shown off as being artefacts to photograph, discover in off places and perhaps even steal. With packaging like that, we are surprised they were not stolen sooner!

Three different shades, three lovely beetle hues, and three ways to always remember how The Mummy practically devoured the world. We can almost imagine Brandon Fraser sauntering in with his charmingly disarming smile and silly attitude and discovering that the dead scarabs are actually alive. This collection does much to jostle those childhood memories of the fun and sometimes frightening movies, which first got us acquainted with the scarabs of Ancient Egypt. We can only imagine how we would feel wearing the incredibly well blended hues now that we know about Louboutin’s undead muses. For all we know, he could have been dissecting the ominous creatures with his own hands!

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Malone Souliers Makes a Big Impression for Fall 2015

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Malone Souliers Ankle Boots_3

By now, you’re all familiar with one of the brands we included among 2015‘s shoe designers to watch, Malone Souliers. It’ll soon be a year since I had the chance to chat with the London-based designer Mary Alice Malone about her first collection when it arrived at Bergdorf Goodman, and ever since, I’ve been following the brand with interest. For Fall 2015 Malone Souliers captivates us with luscious suede, more contrasting color, and the return of interesting mules.

The brand loves to play with juxtaposing colors, and the results feel much more sophisticated and natural than other colorblocked shoes I’ve seen on the market. The rich contrasting colors are sleek and look ultra luxurious, especially in suede. The brand continues to reinvent the controversial mule, and its signature lace-up sandal makes another seasonal appearance. The ankle boot is a new style being added for Fall 2015, and it is one of my all-time favorites from the brand. It’s modern, innovative and sleek, which perfectly captivates the Malone Souliers brand.

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