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louis-vuitton-chevron-capucines-bag My oh my! Look at this beauty! We could stare at it all day long without feeling guilty. Ladies, this is the Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag and mind you, it’s worth the splurge! The Capucines is becoming an iconic Louis Vuitton bag thanks to its sexy silhouette that makes it a true masterpiece in the eyes of bag lovers. Trendy, chic, and snazzy, this Louis Vuitton creation is the perfect way to start your 2017 right. The Chevron print is apparent thanks to its V design but aside from this, we also love its multi-functionality. With its one-of-a-kind detailing, this lightweight and sophisticated bag can be worn in many ways: over the shoulder or on the crook of your elbow, or cross-body, with the flap inside, to show off the exclusive covered LV signature, or out, to display the dainty Monogram flower motif. Now let’s get on to the bag details. The Chevron Capucines Bag is unlike any for it features silver colored metallic pieces instead of the usual gold. It has a handle for hand carry, a removable long strap for several carrying purposes. For security, it has a snap hook to secure your belongings and has a compartmented interior with zipped pocket. It comes in several colours that you can choose from, including Bleu Jean and Cherry, measures 12.2” x 7.9” x 4.3” (L x H x W) inches and is priced $4950 USD, €3600 euro, £3350 GBP, $40500 HKD, $6400 AUD via Louis Vuitton e-store or boutiques. louis-vuitton-chevron-capucines-bag-3 louis-vuitton-chevron-capucines-bag-2 Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag Collection Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag is latest collection of very beautiful and very suitable for 2017. This bag is very frowned upon all women, because this bag has a very pretty color and perfect. This bag has handrails and string length. This bag also has a security that has a snap hooks for securing your stuff and has a compartmented interior with zip pocket. Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag has a size of 12.2 x 8.2 x 4.3 (L x h x W) inches. This bag comes with a few colors you can choose Bleu Jean and cherry. This sophisticated bag is lightweight and can be worn many ways, over the shoulder or dent Your elbow, or cross-body with the flap, to show off the exclusive covered LV signature, or exit and to display small Monogram florals. Particularly remarkable is not the bag. Below is the latest collection of Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag. Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag Collection Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag CollectionLouis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag Collection


louis-vuitton-mini-capucines-bag All that glitters is gold and this chic little bag from Louis Vuitton is but an example. Introducing the ideal day-to-evening bag, the Louis Vuitton Mini Capucines Bag. With its intriguingly and beguiling small size, this Mini Capucines Bag is the one thing you’ll be needing for all occasions whether it be to attend a wedding, gala night, fancy dinner, or a fun night out with your girlfriends. Its lightweight and roomy features despite its size makes it all the more adorable! Despite its size, this Mini Capucines Bag is all about functionality and style thanks to its handle and removable strap, which makes it possible to wear as a hand, shoulder or cross body bag. It also features a double carry style: flap inside or outside. For those who are curious, yes, it offers a compartmented interior with flap pocket. Measuring 7.9” x 5.1” x 2.8” (L x H x W) inches and is priced $6500 USD

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Chanel Nubuck Chevron Boy Bag Reference Guide

Other Brands

Chanel features a new Boy Bag for their Pre-Fall 2016 Collection. Made of Nubuck, it has a Chevron pattern with a tone-on-tone stitching. It comes in a variety of colors such as Burgundy, Black, Blue and Brown.

Style & Price



Chanel Nubuck Chevron Boy Medium Bag $4,700.00 (USD)
Chanel Nubuck Chevron Boy Large Bag $4,900.00 (USD)


Chanel Burgundy Nubuck Chevron Boy Medium Bag

Chanel Blue Nubuck Chevron Boy Large Bag
Chanel Blue Nubuck Chevron Boy Medium Bag
Chanel Brown Nubuck Chevron Boy Large Bag
Chanel Brown Nubuck Chevron Boy Medium Bag
Chanel Burgundy:Red:Black Nubuck Chevron Boy Medium Bags

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The Colors Of Chanel Chevron Boy WOC


Let the party of Chevron continue…

The Chevron is really ‘the big thing’, it’s the print that has temporary replaced the quilted accessories. Don’t get us wrong, we still love everything-quilted that Chanel makes.

But for the Spring Summer 2015 Collection, all the classic and iconic handbags are available in Chevron prints. It’s a bit different than what we’ve been used to, but we’re hundred percent loving it.

To summarize what we’ve covered; the Extra Mini Classic Flap Bags are in Chevron, The Boy Bags are in Chevron and also the other larger Classic Flap Bags sizes are in Chevron.

The Chevron Classic Flap Bags are also made in the limited edition and very rare – black on black style.

Last week we talked about the Chanel Chevron Boy Wallet on Chain in black. Today we want to introduce another Chevron Boy Wallet on Chain style, and also the colors that are available.

If it were possible, we would take them all three home, because they are gorgeous, period! But besides black, we wanted to show you the other options you have.

Made from durable leather, it features the beautiful CC boy clasp on the front. The size is small, it’s comparable to the Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag, but it has a different shape. Perfect for day as well as the evenings.

Can you resist… the temptation?

Chanel Chevron Wallet On Chain
Style code: A80546
Size: 4.8 x 7.5 x 1.9 inches
Price: €1600 euro


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Chanel Boy Chevron Flap Bag


If you are not familiar with Chanel bags, you might think: ‘Hey, this is a cute Chanel Boy Quilted Flap Bag from the Spring Summer 2014 Collection’. Ouch! I need to disappoint you, this is ‘not’ the Boy Quilted Flap Bag. Say what?

You see, the real Chanel Boy Quilted Flap Bag is hundred percent quilted in the center, this one is just partly quilted. But the confusion is understandable, because besides that, everything else is almost identical like the gorgeous Boy CC logo and the masculine chain strap. Tricky huh?

The name is actually Chanel Boy Chevron Flap Bag and its one of the newest addition. In the previous Collection, to be exact the fall 2013, Chanel has launched the ‘Chevron Collection’ in flap bags as well as intotes.

Of course, this bag is to-die-for. First it’s both practical and functional, then you can find all Chanel’s craftsmanship in the details and in the herringbone stitching. The chain is absolutely gorgeous and it’s made from calfskin (just in case you wonder).

What you also need to know is that the Chanel Boy Chevron Flap Bag is available in shiny patent, just like the newest Boy Quilted Flap Bag in Metallic Patent. And what you also want to know is the prices have increased in Europe, here let us show you.

Chanel Boy Chevron Flap Bag in Small Size: £ 2,450 GBP or $5,640 SGD
Chanel Boy Chevron Flap Bag in Medium Size: €2670 to €3100 or $3,800 USD

The medium size is measured 5.5’ x 9.8’ x 3.1’ and it has the style code A90191. One more advice, if you are currently in Paris or you are going to Paris and you can’t find the Boy Quilted Flap Bag in your color or size, then switch the cards and go after this Boy Chevron Flap Bag, it’s the best alternative available.

Drop a comment to let us know what you think…





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Chanel Chevron Flap Bag From Fall Winter 2014 Collection


You know the kind of music that we listen when we’ve a broken heart. Words like can’t-live-without or don’t-walk-away stick in our head like holding a melting cotton-candy in your hands.

But anyways, if the person you love is walking out of your life (anyway), you will need an ‘instant’ replacement. So think again when you listen to Mary J Blige’s Be Without You, because the Chanel Chevron Flap Bag is certainly a can’t-live-without item and the best of the best is that it will never walk away from you.

First thing first, if you’re drooling right now, it’s okay because I am too. This bag is absolutely, one hundred percent a gem. Forget about the Classic Flap Bag or the GST, it’s to-die-for.

A few additional information before you ask me ‘where to purchase?’. This bag is from the Fall Winter 2014 Collection and for those that want to buy, it’s also available in Selfridge or at your nearest Chanel boutique.

The Chanel Chevron Flap Bag is decorated with arrow patterns pointing to the bottom, just like the Boy Chanel Chevron Bag. But this version is much more feminine than the boy, it got the oversized CC logo embossed on the front, which shines when you put it under the spotlight.

This bag will get you a lot of compliments and the ‘oh my god, I like your bag, where did you buy it?’ questions. The shape is squared and it has kind-of the shape of the large Chanel Camera Bag.

If spacious is what you’re looking for, then you do not need to seek any longer. Now, I do not know its style code, nor about its size, but I belief a picture is worth more than thousand words.

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