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Not sure whether we should be excited, but Hermes has always been a mysterious brand. You know… you cannot just walk into the store and grab a Hermes Birkin Bag or even the Hermes Herbag Zip Bag. You only know what’s in store when you’re in the store.

And as for the Fall Winter 2016 Runway, not many handbags were shared. In fact, we spotted just one bag. Though it looks simple, but it’s also quite impressive if you ask me.

You see, the new bag has a half-round shape, you know like half moon. And the models on the runway were grabbing it like a clutch bag. The single colors are minimalistic, featuring a beautiful clasp.


But don’t be deceived, because there is another variation of this bag. You see, you can have it on your shoulder if you want. Hermes has also launched a shoulder bag version that has a longer shape. Because it’s bigger, you can store more stuff inside. And the handy leather shoulder strap is easy and comfortable.

Not much information has been shared yet, so we will keep you up-to-date about the prices and the sizes when it’s released.





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Once in a while, we love to let you know what’s available at the Hermes boutique. And especially when we’re talking about handbags like the Hermes Herbag Zip Bag.

Every fashionista want a piece of the Herbag Zip Bag, not only because it’s pretty, but also the design looks very similar like the Kelly Bag.

Well, this bag needs no introduction, however we do like to point out some important highlights. First of all, the color is taupe and ebony and is partly made from canvas in combination with calfskin. And you will absolutely love that.

The bag features the Kelly Lock Closure and it’s refined with silver and palladium hardware. Also notice the outside pocket, store all your instant-essentials inside (very handy indeed).

Carry it on your hands or on your shoulder with the leather strap. Now for the final detail; the price is $2550 USD, check with the Hermes boutique for the availability.




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Hermès Sales Continue to Grow Because It Plays Hard-to-Get with Birkin Bags



Although sales are slowing in the long-booming Asian luxury market, it probably won’t surprise bag lovers to hear that Hermès continues to increase its sales and meet the expectations of industry-watching analysts. It also probably won’t surprise you to hear why;Bloomberg credits the brand’s strength with the Birkin’s perpetual scarcity.

Hermès’s total sales climbed 15% in the third quarter of 2015, raking in $1.2 billion for the Paris-based brand. When you adjust for currency fluctuations, that’s 7.9%, which Bloomberg reports as right on target with analysts’ forecast of 8%. Sales in Japan in particular were up a whopping 17%, which Bloomberg attributes to the yen’s weak position against the yuan, spurring spending from Chinese tourists shopping abroad. Hermès sales also grew 2% in the Americas in the same period.

The luxury sector is having a tough time overall in Asia, partly because of anti-extravagance regulations curtailing the market in China, but Hermès has something other brands don’t (and can’t) have: the Birkin. The bags are, of course, legendarily difficult to purchase, and the scarcity of its most famous product gives Hermès a status and exclusivity that’s unrivaled in the luxury market. When dealing with wealthy consumers who have plenty of options when it comes to spending their money, that counts for a lot.

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Hello, girls! Today, we’re going to do an exciting feature on the Hermes Virevolte Pouchette, another coveted accessory from the leading producer of designer goods. It’s really worth talking about!

Some weeks ago, we featured the Handbag version of the Virevolte. If you want, you can check it out for yourself and be mesmerized.

READ: Hermes Virevolte Bag

The pochette comes in Swift calfskin, Hunter cowhide and Clemence bull calfskin – very luxe materials, don’t you think? Measuring 35cm x 23cm x 3cm (L x H x D), we know very well that this piece will come in handy and will fit your hands snuggly as you walk around in style. You can also use it as an inside bag to store your personal effects wonderfully. With a color so bright and lovely (in poppy orange, nonetheless), we know you’ll love it, girl.

Priced at €2,650 EUR or £2,430 GBP, you can get your very own Virevolte Pouchette via Hermes e-store.




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Hermes Opens Its Own Perfume Boutique in New York


For the average individual, buying a designer item becomes a heavy drain on the paycheck, which is why accessories and perfumes are always the better place to put one’s focus if the mass market is what a designer hopes to tap into. That is millions and billions of people who would scrape and save in order to be able to afford a pair of designer sunglasses or a hat and gloves. When it comes to perfumes, the prices do not vary too much and most people don’t need large bottles anyhow. Paying a decent amount for designer perfumes is a common trend, which is why brands such as Hermes are capitalizing on it and bringing in the big guns; meaning that opening a store that sells Hermes perfumes only in New York is a rather interesting venture. It may have its risks to it, but why not? After all, you have no other brands to compete with in here, pressuring the psyche of a customer or even passerby to at least pick up a small bottle. The scents would be heavenly!

Hermes First Perfumery Store in New York

The French fashion house had launched its first fragrances called Eau d’Hermes back in 1951 and has since kept up the distribution. Today, it has enough types of perfumes in order to open a specialized Hermes perfumery boutique in New York, where only its own in-house creations are offered to the public. At over 1000 sq. ft., it is a rather large space located on the ground floor of the Brookfield Place luxury shopping mall on 225 Liberty Street in New York City.

But what exactly can customers expect to see when they enter? Visitors walk into a concrete airlock, which effectively places the mental and actual divide between the outside world and the perfumery. There is a screen that they find on which images by different artists depicting nature oriented themes appear before one makes her way through several rooms, made to resemble that of a house. Within the library you can find the whole of the Hermes fragrance collection, from the classics to the more modern styles. This includes Caleche, Rouge Hermes, and Eau Hermes, while fresh colognes and poeticall scented Hermessences can be personalized specifically for you. They can have monograms placed on and presented in leather cases if you so wish.

There is also a whole section dedicated to toiletries, at the back in a marble niche, where it is possible to find everything from bath foams to shampoos, soaps, hydrating balms and energizing gels. There is even a candle called The Shop Around the Corner that one can enjoy. The actual Hermes perfumery shop in New York around the corner, in an elite mall, opened just newly on September 15, 2015 and already has made a splash in the fashion world. We wonder what new innovation some of the older brands will be bringing to the table. After all, Hermes had opened its first boutique in New York back in 1930 and launched its first ever fragrance during the same period!

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The Hermes Smart Bag is the one to watch this season! This teeny but terrible contender in the small leather goods department is anything but ordinary – it may look non-intimidating and too small for your tastes, but don’t be fooled by its exterior, it can pack up as much as you need. This unisex pouch is as good as it gets.

The Smart Bag measures 3.1” x 5.9” inches (H x W), and is as handy as it can get – you can fit it inside your tote as an extended storage, or carry it separately on its own. It’s stylish enough to be worn solo (thanks to its colored calfskin exterior), so you don’t have to worry. Inside, it has one main pocket, and another pocket with natural gussets (which is perfect for storing your beloved smartphone). It can carry your day essentials, from your favorite tube of lipstick, up to your car keys and some credit cards. What a wonderful thing to have!

Priced at $860 USD, you can get your very own Smart Bag via Hermes e-store. Grab one now, and flaunt what you’ve got!




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