Turning Japanese can have its perks, and Hermès is about to give you a heads-up with its great line of Furoshiki bags – artistic, functional and a great way to wear your piece loud and proud! This bag is part of the house’s Petit H initiative, which aims at elevating the status of recycling and repurposing the company’s own scrap materials into other innovative products.

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used as a means of carrying and transporting clothing, gifts and other goods. Hermès has took on the challenge and re-created this finesse art form using 90 cm silk twill scarves and leather hides from the fabric cellar of the Petit H workshop, which guarantees strict supervision and quality materials with every bag.

It has a unique, soft cloth structure with an octagonal base in bull calfskin. It also comes with a silk zip pouch with every purchase, to help you store all your day essentials as you go. These whimsical designs are off the charts, and are sure to make any drab outfit exciting. You can choose among the variety of color swatches available, and they will take care of the rest. Surprise! A very unique design, especially made for you.

The bag measures around 22 x 22 cm from the base, with a maximum height of 53 cm. Priced at £1060 GBP or €1150 EUR, get yours today at the Hermès online boutique.

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$221,000 Hermès Birkin Sets New Record for Handbag Auction

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A maximum price that collectors are willing to pay for a rare Hermès Birkin surely exists, but based on a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong on Monday, we have yet to find it. One bidder is now the proud owner of the pink crocodile Birkin you see above, to the tune of $221,844.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Christie’s did not reveal the identity of the bag’s new owner, who bid via phone, although the auction house did say that the majority of the auction’s bidders were private Asian collectors. The sale included 366 lots that sold for a total of nearly $6 million, which easily beat the auction’s estimate of $3.25 million. The ever-increasing amount collectors are willing to pay for bags is surprising even to those who make a business of selling them.

The bag is made of Porosus crocodile, with diamonds set into its gold hardware. The previous auction record for a handbag was $218,500 for an evening bag owned by Elizabeth Taylor, also at a Christie’s auction, according to Business of Fashion. The previous record for an Hermès bag was over $203,000 for a similar Birkin in red from Heritage Auctions in 2011.

A price ceiling for these bags exists somewhere, but as the Asian market continues to grow, it’s unlikely that we’ve found it quite yet.

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Hermes Constance Long Wallet



Let’s talk business.

The Hermes Constance Handbags are all in great demand, including the Constance Elan. They are hard-to-find and some people say that they are as hard to get as the iconic Kelly Bag.

And I also belief that (also from personal experience).

But how about the Hermes Constance Long Wallet? Is it as popular as the Constance Bag?

Great question, well here’s a fact:

We have sourced extensively at Hermes officially website for the past three years, never have we spotted the Constance Long Wallet online.

We have found the Hermes Kelly Wallet a couple of times.

Yes it’s scarce, but do you like it?

The Hermes Constance is a minimalistic wallet with great capacity. The ‘H’ which stands for Hermes is quite sophisticated and bold. This version is in anemone purple, crafted from Epsom calfskin and refined with silver and palladium detailing.

How about the inside?

With twelve credit card slots, two flat pockets, a central zipped change purse, one rear external pocket and one front pocket. Everything you need is packed inside.

Everything pretty comes with a price.

Measuring 13 x 20.5 cm, priced at €3100 euro or £2840 GBP via Hermes Boutique.

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Hermes 2015 Spring Summer Ad Campaign



Hermes launches the Spring Summer 2015 Ad Campaign, the theme is Flâneur Forever.

A few quick note.

The term Flâneur comes from the French masculine noun un Flâneur, which has the basic meanings of ‘stroller’, ‘lounger’, ‘saunterer’ or ‘loafter’. Charles Baudelaire developed a derived meaning of Flâneur – that of ‘a person who walks the city in order to experience’.

And that’s the exact experience you will get out of this ad campaign. Models wearing beautiful jewelries on the streets, in classy outfits and gorgeous shoes. Hermes also introduced new color of the Halzan Bag.

READ: Hermes Halzan Bag

The Halzan Bag in plain white is carried by a model in white dress. It shows that this bag can be carried throughout the day and best used for the upcoming summer season. The Halzan Bag is a multifunctional handbag, it can be changed into a long shopping tote or you can fold it into smaller handbag.

The Hermes Halzan Bag measured 30 x 13 x 10 (L x H x D) cm and priced around $5,000 USD or €3300 euro’s via Hermes boutique.







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The Ultimate Visual Guide to Hermès Bag Styles


Image via Moda Operandi

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Hermes Cabag Twist Bag



It either work for you or it doesn’t. The Hermes Cabag Bag is made for one purpose – to help you get through the weekends. Why is it actually the ideal weekend bag? Because of its generous size of course.

Store whatever you need; your laptop, sleepover clothes, cosmetics and other essentials. Travel from Saturday to Sunday with the Hermes Cabag Bag. What I love the most is its simplicity; it’s available in single colors and comes with an easy carry, either the double handles or the long handle to wear on the shoulder.

Crafted with side pockets and it features aluminum rods with Clou de Selle ends for lightness. You can adjust the width simply by using the press-studs on the sides. Made from strong calfskin, measuring 16.5’ x 15’ x 7.5’ inches, priced at $1,825 USD at Hermes boutique.




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