Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bags For Spring Summer 2014


Because we know how much you heart Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bags, we thought you might want to look at the new colors and leathers for the Spring Summer Season.

And we totally understand how you feel about the new price increases announced last week. Doesn’t it just confirm that we need to hurry, save money and buy as soon as possible before Chanel decides to make it even more expensive.

You know that the Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bags are like desserts right? We have always an extra room in our stomach for something small and sweet, so does your wardrobe. Pile the shoes up for another ‘mini’.

My heart beats faster for the Mini Flap Bag in turquoise blue in lambskin, some say that this leather is fragile, easily to get scratched and they are absolutely right. But can you resist the temptation of butterly soft leather that makes you feel chic and luxurious?

And the Mini in white patent is made to make you melt like ice cream. It shines right through your heart, perfectly embellished with the CC signature clasp in silver hardware.

We need something like this in our life, though some people will never understand us, it’s our instinct that tell us ‘we need it’ and besides the Mini Classic Flap Bag will increase in price overtime, it’s better than buying a value-decreasing race car, am I not right boyfriend?

For the prices and sizes, go to Chanel Bags Prices.





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Chanel Mini Bag Embroidered with Chains


So many releases, so many beautiful bags, can you keep up with it? I started to think that maybe, just maybe, BRAGMYBAG could be a disaster for your wallet. We can’t stop posting because every single day Karl Lagerfeld is thinking about his next creation. If you ever want to test your banker, whether he’s honest or not, he should advice you to stay away from our site.

For those who still have a little budget left to pursue another dream bag, here’s another take; the Chanel WOC embroidered with chain. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Yes, it’s ‘WOW’, yes it’s absolutely to-die-for…

Now we want to be as honest as possible, we do not know the name of this bag, neither are we sure if it’s from the Wallet on Chain Collection. But based on the size and the shape, we took a calculated guess, the same what I did for my final high school exam and I passed. =)

We couldn’t find any style code, however we do know that it is from the Chanel  latest Spring Summer 2014 Collection, so do ask your local SA to tell you all the details about it and perhaps a test-drive? If your SA tells you: ‘I have never heard about this bag’, then maybe she is saving it later for herself.

If you are looking for something bigger, but you adore this style – silver quilted chains, then we recommend you to check out the Chanel Classic Flap Bag in embroidered with chains. We also included the style code, just to give something to hold on to.

So let us know, how much you like this new bag?


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Prada Saffiano Mini Tote

Other Brands


What if the fairytale of Alice Wonderland really exist? What if there is a door to another world and when you enter, you will feel entirely different because big things turn into small and small things into big. Everything is colorful…

And what if Prada only sells their Classic Saffiano Totes in ‘Mini’ sizes, wouldn’t that be cute? Louis Vuitton had once released a tiny version of their Speedy Bag; it’s called the Mini HL bag and is still available in store. Perhaps it’s not practical to use on daily basis, but the mini classics are certainly ideal as evening clutches.

Imagine you dressed beautifully and then carry the Mini Classic Saffiano Tote; those who recognized the brand ‘Prada’ will be amazed. ‘Is that a Prada?’, ‘Is that a Bag?’, ‘Is that real?’. It’s the perfect way to attract a conversation. Show your bag and let the magic flow.

The Prada Mini Safiano Tote can only carry your coins and tiny things. You can zip it open just like you would do on a regular size bag. It’s prettified with an extra long tag and the Prada signature is embellished in the center. 

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Prada Mini Bags

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Prada OMG, mini bags alarm! Mini bags alarm! Just recently Prada has released a series of new small bags, unannounced. They remind me of the fruit-flavoured sweets ‘Skittles’. You see, Skittles are packed in a red small bag, their original theme was called: ‘taste the rainbow’, a phrase that I’ve heard more than enough in their commercials. Skittles, taste the rainbow because their candies are in all sort of colors; yellow, purple, red, green and each had its own taste. You will expect the same experience when being overwhelmed by Prada’s new mini bags. They are in so-many colors that you will probably want to take more than one home. Oh gosh, as if that’s not enough work, Prada has released the mini bags in eight different styles. There’s a mini tote version with a flat handle, another tote has curved handle, shoulder bag and squared mini are on the menu too. Crafted from the famous saffiano leather, embellished with a jewel-like snap-lock closure with a logo embossed on the clasp. For your comfort, there is a shoulder bag included, detachable and adjustable. The mini’s are measuring around 20.5 x 12.5 x 4 cm (L x H x W). The price starts at €900 to €1200, the studded mini bags cost around €1.370. Check them out at Prada.

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Balenciaga Baby Daim Giant Gold Mini City Bag in Black

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Every once in a while, Balenciaga introduced a new kind of Classic City Bag to make shopping more exciting. And by now, you must already know that the Classic City Collection is one of the most coveted tote bag in the world. Even the Le Dix Bag Collection couldn’t keep up the fame of the motorcycle bags.

But it was such a long time that Balenciaga decided to move from Chevre Leather to Agneau Leather, meaning from goatskin to lambskin. There are numerous of chats on the Internet about the switch, some are happy and others are dissatisfied. But what’s even more interesting is that the leathers are ‘different’ in each season.

For the Fall 2014 Collection, Balenciaga released the Baby Daim Giant Gold Mini City Bag in black. It’s only available in one color, for as far as we know. Surprisingly it’s made from calfskin, a leather that is durable and beautiful. The classic color black is feeding the golden hardware, making it bright and shine, which is ideal for the upcoming seasons.

With hand-stitched handles, it comes with a shoulder strap that can be removed and adjusted. With interior zip pocket embellished with the Balenciaga signature. Measuring 23 x 16 x 9 cm (W x H x D), for $ 1,395 USD or €945 euro’s at Balenciaga e-store.


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