Chanel Luxurious Beach Tote and Towel set

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Beach Tote and Towel set In some ways, the world’s richest people are just like any of us; they breathe the same air, drink the same water, yet life holds no secrets for them. We’re sure any experience would feel way more appealing when the sky’s the limit and you don’t have to learn how to balance your taxes. The same goes with style, aromas, scents – and Chanel knows this better than any other brand.

Do you have a chic terrycloth beach set from Chanel? Well, no one else has one yet, as it’s just been revealed. Chanel can afford to manufacture exclusive pieces that would put a financial strain on a smaller brand. The aforementioned set, made of a beach tote and towel, is part of the brand’s Metiers d’Art 2016 Paris in Rome collection and will cost exactly $1,650.

Beach Tote and Towel set

Made of cotton terrycloth, patterned to look like the classic Chanel tweed, this exquisite set shows off a practical color variation, and it will be apparently perfect for everyday use. But considering that price-tag, we doubt this set will be tossed around as any other similar beach set would be.

We all have different standards, but no one shall ignore the intended purpose of this Chanel beach set, meant to be a stylish takeaway for a day at the beach, as well as a powerful statement for those people who are aware of what they’re seeing.


Chanel Makes the Most Luxurious Beach Bag and Towel Set Ever

The very wealthy are both just like us mortals and not like us at all. They’re like us in that they want to have cute stuff to take to the pool with their friends or on their next beach vacation, but they are not like us in that their next terrycloth beach set might be from Chanel.


The beauty of Chanel’s size is that it can afford to manufacture the kind of fun, idiosyncratic, small-audience pieces that would put a financial strain on a smaller brand. That frees Karl Lagerfeld up to get a little bit funny, and he’s done it with everything from ping pong paddles to surf boards, which fashion obsessives are known to use as home decor. In this case, he’s taking his talents to the beach.

The set, which is part of the brand’s Metiers d’Art 2016 Paris in Rome collection and in stores now, will set you back $1,650 for the towel and tote together. The pair are made of cotton terrycloth patterned to look like classic Chanel tweed, and the material and color variation mean that they’d actually make a pretty functional pool set if you wanted to use them for their intended purpose. If you’re gonna drop the money, you’ll probably end up leaving them safe in your fabulous cabana, though.




This fancy set shows off a practical color variation,which includes black, white and gray composed, and it will be apparently perfect for everyday use. However, considering that price-tag of the collection, it is hard to see the match of this set around, there could not be any other similar beach set.

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Ladies Chanel CC Delivery Tote Bag

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Every season or so, Chanel put together a handbag that’s named ‘CC‘. And usually, everything with a CC in its name is either gorgeously chic or outrageous attractive.

Oh, you don’t belief me. Have you met the Chanel Gold Class Double CC Bag yet? The one with the golden CC logo on the front and of course quilted?

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And even the CC shoes are so drop-dead-gorgeous that they were sold-out on the day that they were released in store.

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All right, enough convincing, for the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, introducing the Chanel CC Delivery Quilted Tote Bag. A large Tote bag version of the Classic Flap Bag, quilted from the front to the bottom and embellished with the traditional CC logo on the front.

It’s a tote bag with a front flap, how catchy! Though Karl Lagerfeld designed the bag with rigid handles, kind-of like the ones that comes with a free shopping bag, it also crafted with interwoven chain links in the center. And for your information, the chain links are long enough to carry on your shoulder, isn’t it beautiful?

Made from calfskin, finally an alternative to the Chanel Classic Maxi Flap Bag. The CC Delivery Quilted Tote Bag has more space than you will ever need.

The Chanel CC Delivery Tote Bag is a seasonal piece, here are the details:

Chanel CC Delivery Small Tote Bag
Style code: A92577
Size: 9.1′ x 12.2′ 3.5′ inches

Chanel CC Delivery Large Tote Bag
Style code: A92580
Size: 10.2′ x 15′ x 4.3′ inches


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Once in a while, we love to let you know what’s available at the Hermes boutique. And especially when we’re talking about handbags like the Hermes Herbag Zip Bag.

Every fashionista want a piece of the Herbag Zip Bag, not only because it’s pretty, but also the design looks very similar like the Kelly Bag.

Well, this bag needs no introduction, however we do like to point out some important highlights. First of all, the color is taupe and ebony and is partly made from canvas in combination with calfskin. And you will absolutely love that.

The bag features the Kelly Lock Closure and it’s refined with silver and palladium hardware. Also notice the outside pocket, store all your instant-essentials inside (very handy indeed).

Carry it on your hands or on your shoulder with the leather strap. Now for the final detail; the price is $2550 USD, check with the Hermes boutique for the availability.




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Fendi 3Jours Bicolor Tote Replica Bag Review

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I don’t know about you girls but I definitely love large size bags. I like them so much because I can wear them to work and get everything I need inside them, I can wear them when I go shopping or when I go out with my friends. Also I like very much when a bag is simple, when it doesn’t have a tone of embellishments. The simpler a bag is the better it works for me. These days trends change very quickly so if we go for simple and elegant we’ll never get wrong. A very good choice when it comes to this kind of bags is the Fendi replica handbags.

fendi 3jours bicolor blue

The 3Jours bicolor Tote Bag is the new and updated version of the very well-known Fendi 2Jours Tote Bag. I like the new version better because it has wider lateral wings, the Fendi metal bar trim was split in two parts for more flexibility and the leather straps are longer for easier shoulder carry. I also like very much the interior of this bag. It is enough spacious with a zipper pocket and two cell phones pockets so we can have everything organized as it has to be.

fendi 3jours bicolor brown

I saw a lot of celebrities wearing the new Fendi 3Jours bicolor Tote Bag, celebrities like Kate Upton or Cheryl Cole; I love how it completes their outfit. It is amazing how this beautiful bag can transform a casual outfit into one elegant and very stylish one. There are a lot of different versions of this bicolor beautiful bag; you can find it in solid colors or in denim stripes. But of course you’ll have to pay attention to what you purchase. You’ll have to know that if you want a good replica this should be made with very firm leather that should also feel soft and the metal bar trim should be silver, not gold or any other color.

celebrities with fendy 3jours bicolor

A beautiful bag like this Fendi 3Jours bicolor Tote Bag can be worn by anyone on any occasion. It completes a perfect outfit and makes any girl feel beautiful and elegant. This is definitely the main goal for any bag designer.

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Up for some Dior bags? Yep, here at BragMyBag, we’re sort of ga-ga over their items, mainly because they have so many great designs to choose from. Speaking of such, we’re dying to know more about the Lady Dior Heart Tote Bag. As we all know, the ‘Lady Dior’ collection has been around for some years now – debuted in 1995, it’s a well-known selection of great pieces, with a huge following ever since its beginnings. We’re talking ‘A’-listers here: Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Penelope Cruz, even Princess Diana in her glory days. It’s been trending since then!

Now, the Lady Dior has reinvented itself once again, in the form of the Heart Tote Bag. From what we can see in the picture, some elegant stitching on leather has been commissioned, which is just so elegant and dainty. As of now, we don’t have information about the bag’s price and availability, that is why you should stay tuned for more updates about this piece! Are you excited just as we are? What do you think about this take on the classic Lady Dior?


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We are a bit late on this part, the news came in previous month June that a new bag has arrived, called the Dior Dioriva Tote Bag.

Though, we do not have much information about this bag, we’d like to share it as much as possible.

The Dioriva Tote Bag is gorgeous, and we think it’s an extension of Dior’s Project to minimize the weight of a bag but without losing the style. The Dior D Light Bag, released a few months ago had this purpose.

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The perforated Cannage Pattern creates a timeless style, this bag is perfect as a shopping bag or for travelling, and it’s definitely worth it to carry throughout the summer. Wear it with sandals and short pants, and carry the Dioriva Bag to impress.

Like in all Dior Bags, this one also features the DIOR charm, but in a different way. Crafted from calfskin, the bag can carry a lot of essentials including your summer jacket. The leather is durable and strong, so you don’t need to worry to baby it.

However, it’s not advisable to overload the bag as it comes with thin handles. For those that are interested, the Dior Dioriva Tote Bag has not been announced on Dior’s official website, because its not available in every boutique. Perhaps Dior wants to test the reaction of their customers.

The colors available are white, blue, powder pink, hot pink, violet, blue and black. Priced at $1650 USD.

One location we know its available is at Dior boutique 57th St New York.

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